Efficient. Variable. Innovative.

Custom-made performance.

With the performance-optimized chillers of the Vario-Line, KKT chillers set new standards in process cooling because every vBoxX from the new Vario-Line perfectly and cost efficiently accommodates the cooling capacity of your application in the power range of 6-28 kW.

The Vario-Line offers a variety of interesting advantages:

Perfect adjustment of
the cooling capacity for
your application.

Laser Technology

More efficient,
lower operating costs.

Maschine Tools

High control
precision at zero cost.

Welding Maschines

Digital data management
with plain text display.


Low maintenance cost.

Chemie & Pharma

Great flexibility,
broad range of application.

Printing Industry


As basic standard equipment, the new chillers are fitted with RPM-regulated components such as a compressor and a ventilator as well as an electronic expansion valve. In this setup, KKT chillers applies the high-efficiency cooling agent R410A in connection with a compact micro-channel condenser. Thanks to the low filling quantities of cooling agent used, no extra maintenance cost arise and the Vario-Line chillers are not classified as dangerous goods when in transit. The intuitive, multi-lingual info display ensures maximum user-friendliness and fits perfectly with the compact design of the industrial casing. The software, an in-house development, achieves a steady-state control accuracy of under +/- 0.5K without requiring any additional components. The digital data management comprises all relevant control variables such as temperatures, pressures and filling levels.

The Vario-Line guarantees safe operations without the application of special components at an environmental temperature range of between -20°C and 50°C. Due to the wide range of options in the water cycle, each vBoxX adapts individually to the respective customer application.

Make use of the new Vario-Line’s edge on technology!