Our innovation is your advance.


Our contribution to emission reduction kicks off with the introduction of the energy-effi cient Compact-Line. Through the use of the most innovative components, as well as an intelligent control platform including an energy-savings mode, among other things, we facilitate:

20 % less power consumption 
10 % less sound pressure level 
75 % less refrigerant 

It is our responsibility to develop sustainable chiller solutions for your application in order to provide a substantial contribution to the reduction of total energy usage.

Your help is needed too!

User-friendly surface

with plain-text display of temperature, pressure, tank level and all status notifications – thanks to a controller board developed in-house.

Reduction in operating costs

due to 20% less in electrical power consumption achieved by the application of the efficient scroll compressor technology.

Efficiency benefits

thanks to optimization of partial - load response.

Logistic and maintenance benefits:

Up to 75% less refrigerant filling.


cooling capacity
70 - 100 KW


cooling capacity
30 - 60 KW


cooling capacity
120 - 160 KW


cooling capacity
180 - 200KW

Whether it's permafrost in Siberia, tropical conditions in Vietnam or extreme heat in Oman - the Compact-Line cools you down guaranteed.

Our innovation is your advance. 

With its Compact-Line, KKT chillers provides maximum performance at minimum space requirements. The modern industrial design immediately gives away the variety of innovations included in this powerful device. 

Innovation is our standard.