Health check for the chiller - more important than ever!

Health is becoming more and more of a focus.

Healthy nutrition, sport, regular dental care and other preventive examinations are a matter of course for us today.
Especially in the current situation, not only your personal vitality is important, but also the "health" of your chiller.

Many processes, whether production/manufacturing, medical applications as well as subsequent value-added processes, only working with a perfectly operating chiller that is regularly maintained.

In times when production is being shut down due to pandemic effects and the demand for certain products is increasing, the competitive pressure is also becoming stronger and stronger. It is now more important than ever to be able to deliver in sufficient quantity, at the agreed time and in the highest possible quality.

With the various maintenance packages from KKT chillers, you are always well equipped and the highest possible functional reliability of your application is guaranteed!

You can find more information about the KKT chillers maintenance packages here in our service area.