Heat Recovery

In the thermodynamic process of refrigeration, the heat energy arising at the condenser always has to be discharged.
KKT chillers’ heat recovery systems allow for the project-specific utilization of this heat energy by
means of a heat exchanger integrated into the hot gas line.
The transferred heat can then be fed into a separate heating circuit.

  • Nano-Line

    Cooling capacity 1,7 – 6,5 kW
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  • Vario-Line

    Cooling capacity 6 - 28 kW
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  • Compact-Line

    Cooling capacity 30 - 200 kW
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  • Evo-Line

    Kälteleistung 260 - 528 kW
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  • OEM Solutions

    Designed for you.
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    Cooling capacity 200 - 1000 kW
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