46/63/70 kW

Healthcare chiller solutions – made in Germany

The energy efficient chiller line „medixX“ is developed and produced as a compact system for servicing heat exchanger resp.
SEP cabinets of imaging diagnostics as well as industrial processes.

  • PCB = Printed Circuit Board; in-house development: operating with an optimized software.
  • Frequency converted compressor for continuously variable load adaption. Therefore soft starter for compressor not needed.
  • Frequency converted pump for continuously variable pressure loss adaption.
  • Pressure-controlled speed of condenser fans correlating to actual load of application and to actual ambient temperature.
  • Suitable for all MRI systems which are using heat-plate exchangers as cooling interfaces.
  • Designed also for closed water loop system.
  • FCU = „Free Cooling Unit“ (option) for using at cold ambient temperatures (< + 10 °C resp. < + 50 °F)  to operate cooling without compressor mode. FCU is a „dry cooler“ and can be integrated in the cooling and controlling cycle.
Accessories: Transfer Station und Cooling Unit

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