OEM Solutions

A Great Partner, right from the start

Besides of the chiller model series, KKT chillers also develop customer- specific systems solutions
for various industries in cooperation with OEM partners.
These solutions can also be integrated into the overall system at a later point.

When it comes to highly complex and long-term development projects,
it makes great sense to consider the issue of process and component cooling early on.

To this end, KKT chillers offers its customers a ‘Resident Engineering’ services:
From the very beginning, the engineers at KKT chillers contribute their cooling expertise to your development process.
This often helps to achieve substantial savings for the complete facility.

  • vBoxX 12 | 15 | 18
    Laser cutting in sheet metal processing

    Cooling capacity 12 - 15 kW

  • cBoxX 30 | 40 | 50
    Laser cutting in sheet metal processing

    Cooling capacity  20 - 40 kW

  • vBoxX 12
    Metal laser melting: 3D Printing

    Cooling capacity  12 kW

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Developed for you.

Get KKT chillers involved right when you start planning a new development – We have the right solution.

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  • Nano Line

    Cooling capacity 1,7 - 6,5 kW
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  • Vario Line

    Cooling capacity 6 - 28 kW
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  • Compact Line

    Cooling capacity 30 - 200 kW
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  • Evo Line

    Cooling capacity 260 - 528 kW
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  • Evo Line plus

    Cooling capacity 541 - 971 kW
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  • Medical Chillers

    Cooling solutions for imaging systems
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  • OEM Solutions

    Designed for you.
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    Cooling capacity 200 - 1000 kW
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