Evo Line
260 - 528 kW

A performance masterpiece for tight spaces


With the Evo Line’s optimized air-cooled chillers, every single eBoxX offers up to 528 kW
in cooling capacity. Plus, they require little energy and help protect the environment.

Fitted in a compact and corrosion-resistant housing, this high-performance system is
the answer to the latest requirements in process cooling and offers users a great number of benefits:




  • Extended cooling range with a capacity from 260 to 528 kW
  • Compact housing, optimized for small foot print - up to 70 kW / m²
  • Designed for world wide industrial applications
  • Easy operation / easy maintenance
  • Many integrated features
  • Sustainable and economic

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Digital data management.

The chillers’ display is easy to use thanks to the simple and user-friendly menu guidance. Sensors automatically record all relevant manipulated and controlled variables, such as temperature or pressure, ready for the customer to process all data further. The built-in alarm notification with an associated error code additionally ensures the highest possible safety level.

Greater efficiency – lower operating costs.

The technology used accommodates the simultaneous operation of up to four scroll compressors with two cooling circuits - efficiently and quietly, even at partial load. These compressors are designed and engineered to provide greater control flexibility and energy efficiency. Consequently, only the amount of power actually needed is generated. The output-controlled EC fans also reduce operating costs, lowering the electricity demand by 20% thanks to special EC motor technology. On top of that, a precisely aligned coolant volume flow through innovative distributor pipes ensures minimum pressure loss.

Environmentally friendly and ecological.

The EVO LINE has been developed to meet the new and increasingly strict regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, a microchannel is used as a heat exchanger: Compared to conventional technology, it reduces the coolant filling level by up to 30%. The use of R410A, an environmentally friendly, non-flammable and non-toxic refrigerant, makes the units perfectly suitable for applications in the food and packaging industries or in surface engineering. This means that additional operator obligations, such as those required for A2L coolants (flammable/toxic), do not apply.

Highly flexible – suitable for many uses.

The EVO LINE’s numerous combination options and accessories include an innovative hydraulic module that can further reduce energy costs. With its modern industrial design, the EVO LINE can be installed in small spaces and offers an output of up to 70 kW/m2. Further benefits include low maintenance costs due to straightforward maintenance and easy cleaning.

Experience the perfect balance of high performance and low operating costs with our EVO LINE.

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