Evo Line plus
541 - 971 kW



With the optimized air-cooled chillers of the Evo Line plus,
every single eBoxX plus scores with a high output of up to 541 kW - 971 kW
with low energy consumption and environmentally friendly operation.

Packed in a corrosion-resistant housing, that's it
Power package the answer to the latest requirements in process cooling
and offers a multitude of interesting advantages for users:




  • Eligible in Germany
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R454B (category A2L)
  • Scroll technology compressors
  • Speed-controlled fan with EC technology
  • Liquefier as a microchannel
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Refrigerant leak detector
  • Piping in stainless steel
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High governmental subsidies.

By using the refrigerant R454B, the eBoxX plus series in connection with free cooling is basically eligible for funding. Our newly launched eBoxX plus series basically offers you the prerequisites for participating in federal funding programs, provided they are used for cooling machines and systems in production. Here it is important to be able to demonstrate an energetic optimization in the sense of increasing energy efficiency or reducing fossil energy consumption of industrial and commercial systems and processes. Our overall conception of the cooling system you need, including the use of particularly energy-saving modules for free cooling, can mean that you as an SME or large company can receive a not inconsiderable subsidy of up to 30% (+ 10% SME bonus) through a KfW or BAFA funding program In this case, the basic prerequisites for eligibility are energy savings compared to your previous situation (replacement investment) or a reference system (new investment). When hiring a professional and approved energy consultant to submit an application is mandatory. Even this necessary advice is eligible for funding in the “Energy Efficiency in Business” funding program.

More efficiency – lower operating costs.

Thanks to the scroll compressors used, the system is very efficient and quiet, even in the partial load range. These compressors are designed and configured to provide greater control flexibility and energy efficiency. This means that only as much performance is provided as is actually required. The power-regulated EC fans also do their part to reduce costs.

Environmentally friendly and ecological.

The eBoxX plus was developed in order to keep up with the new, ever stricter regulations regarding the limit values ​​of the greenhouse gas content. With the refrigerant R454B (A2L), the new series has a really low GWP value of only 466. With a GWP value of only 466, we achieve a reduction of 78% compared to the previously used safety refrigerant. In addition, a microchannel is used as a heat exchanger, which reduces the refrigerant charge by up to 50% compared to conventional technology.

With our eBoxX plus you will find the perfect balance between high cooling capacity and low operating costs.




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