Compact Line
30 - 200 kW

Our innovation is your advance.

With the Compact Line, KKT chillers provides maximum performance
at minimum space requirements and set new standards in process cooling.

Micro-channel technology, EC Blue Owlet fans, electronic injection valves,
high efficiency cooling agents and digital data management – thanks to the combination
of these state-of-the-art components as well as innovative ideas, the use of KKT chillers
products gives you a competitive edge.



  • Reduction of the operating costs of up to 20% due to use of high efficient scroll compressors, frequency controlled EC fans und a continuously controlled electronic expansion valve
  • Up to 50% less foot print due to microchannel technology and high efficiency refrigerant R410A
  • Digital data management due to sensory measuring of all relevant process variables and field bus connection with different protocols
  • High operation comfort due to user friendly plaintext display with intuitive menu navigation
  • Low logistic costs due to minimized refrigerant filling (up to 100kW <12kg)
  • Wide range of applications due to variety of additional options and accessories

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Sizes of Compact-Line

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KKT chillers wins the red dot award 2014.
The Compact-Line is awarded for high design quality.

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