Thermal spray/flame spraying  


Cooling the spray gun of a powder flame spraying unit with cold water




The chiller cools demineralized water with a conductivity of 50+/-2 µS/cm for the application at high pessure. The chiller must have as small a footprint as possible, and a very low noise level while also providing interruption-free Service. A stable, reliable communication between the chiller and the application controller is necessary. Cooling process monitoring must also be guaranteed. 



cBoxX 100 (cooling capacity 90 kW), two water circiuts with two pumps and soft start for the second pump, conductivity monitoring, remote controller panel in special painting.

Description of application:

High speed flame sprayer (HVOF) or atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) are industrial surface coating processes. They offer protection against wear, corrosion, hot gas corrosion and can also be used for thermal insulation. These processes are used in the automotive, paper/printing,air/aerospace and power generation industries, as well as in general machine/plant construction.


Through the customer as well as the end customer on site

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