Cooling of MRI's, CT's, X-Ray's, solenoids and helium compressors

  • Medical Imaging "MRI"

    Cooling of the superconducting magnet and the required helium compressor of an MRI system.

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KKT chillers is an expert when it comes to the cooling systems within imaging techniques. 
KKT chillers medical chillers are specifically developed for the individual products and product series of medical device manufacturers. 

This wide range oriented standard equipment forms the basis for the cooling of your medical equipment.
If necessary, we adapt them to your specific needs and provide your medical application with appropriate turn-key solutions.

Especially in very complex and long-term development projects, it makes sense, at an early stage to consider the component cooling.
For this KKT chillers offers you a so-called "Resident Engineering". The engineers of KKT chillers bring their expertise
in the field of cooling technology into your development process. 

Invite KKT chillers into the earliest planning stages of your projects!

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  • Plastics Industry

    Cooling of rollers, granulation lines, tools and
    hydraulics of injection molding machines.

  • Welding Machines

    Cooling of welding tools, welding heads, as well
    as the work pieces and the weld seams itself.

  • Filtration

    Cooling of water treatment systems
    and filter production processes.


    Cooling of high power motors in the mining industry, analysis – and measurement equipment, industrial processes requiring simultaneous heating and cooling.

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  • Medicine

    Cooling of MRI's, CT's, X-Ray's, Solenoids and Helium Compressors.

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  • Food & Packaging

    Cooling of blow molding machines, as well
    as their actuators, film lines, cutting stations for
    blister packaging and film converting machines.
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  • Laser Technology

    Cooling of Resonators,
    Optics and Laser Heads.

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  • Chemical & Pharma

    Cooling of production processes for pharmaceutical
    articles as well as laboratory equipment.

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  • Surface Technology

    Cooling of flame spray systemscoating machines,
    as well as the double jacket of hardening
    ovens and its diffusion pumps.

  • Electronic Industry

    Cooling of generators, frequency transformer,
    high power CPU’s and measurement.

  • Machine Tools

    Cooling of actuators, spindles, generators, tools,
    power modules, drive shafts, mills and hydraulics.

  • Printing Industry

    Cooling of color decks, UV lamps,
    spindles and actuators.