New service centers in China.

Increase in demand for chiller services in Asia

Kasendorf, May/June 2016: The demand for chillers, facilities for the cooling of industrial processes, made in Kasendorf is increasing, and KKT chillers has been responding to the market requirements wi. The latest investment: service centers in China that offer comprehensive services also to customers in this part of the world.

Given an indirect export share of 85 percent, it was only a matter of time until KKT chillers would provide its key clients such as Krones, Amada, Siemens-, Philips-, and GE Healthcare with a seamless service package also in China.

The brand now offers turnkey solutions, ranging from the development of machine setup plans to the planning and implementation of pipework and on to the chiller start-up, with or without system separator.

Over the course of only a few months, demand for this type of solution had risen by close to 90 percent. The requirement to develop an offering ranging from the start-up to one-stop cooling solutions with three service centers in China is being realized at top speed.

In April of this year, the service center ‘East’ that also serves as headquarters opened in Suzhou, approx. 100 kilometers west of Shanghai, China. Another service center is based in the north of China, in the capital Beijing. In total, a staff of six new recruits works at these service centers. Two further sites, ‘South’ and ‘West’, are already in the planning stage.

In view of the high demand for one-stop solutions for customers and the current development, an increase in production volume by 2018 seems highly likely. Despite the fact that experts have issued rather skeptical forecasts for the overall economic growth in China compared to the previous years, there is general agreement that sales opportunities for investment-driven companies are still very good, especially in the medical sector with its considerable pent-up demand.

In addition, KKT chillers will have to make further investments in order to both work the market and take advantage of the significant ripple effect going out from China to all of Southeast Asia. Singapore and Malaysia in particular are markets for which KKT chillers anticipates the potential for major sales momentum. Initial projects are about to be implemented. 

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